deer crossing the road near the trees in the fog

Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center provides sanctuary to people and wildlife.


snowy shores of lake huron in winter

Lake Huron Retreat Center’s cottage provides a cozy haven in the winter.

by Rev. David Berkey, Executive Director


You’ve heard the old real estate adage “Location, Location, Location!” Over the past couple of years many of us have settled into a “location” — both literally and figuratively, with regards to where we work, live, and even where we watch entertainment and news on our devices. We’ve gotten comfortable with our locations, making us reluctant to change. Our adaptation skills are diminished. The seasons change whether we are ready or not. The transition from summer to fall/winter seems to be happening quickly this year! It is a bold change as green leaves turn red, yellow and orange, and — at the same time — the wind blows cold and wet. It feels like a shock to the system as we attempt to adapt.


Then why would we break away from our comfort zone to go on a retreat? A retreat provides what is called “dislocation” – a way to pull us out of our set ways and open us up to a new perspective. We encounter nature outside — a spiritual connection to the Holy One. We connect with people in community over meals and shared experiences, studies and discussions.  We minimize the distractions that keep us from hearing the teaching of the Spirit.


looking through the pine trees at a camping trailer

Climbing the dunes at Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat gives you a different perspective of the campground and life.

What follows a retreat is “re-location” – a coming back to a new sense of self, of life, and our relationship with God in the world. It can be a powerful transformation in the understanding and claiming of who we are in the ever-changing reality of life.

Consider creating a time for dislocation on retreat by yourself or with others. It feels hard to do because of our perception that we are so busy. Yet, it can be the most important thing to put on your calendar this fall or the coming year. As you relocate you will be thankful for the transformative power of God’s Spirit finally able to get through and restore your soul.

Your Retreat Options

  • Programmed Retreats at Lake Huron Retreat Center and Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center
  • Private Retreats (for individuals, groups and families) as space allows at Lake Huron, Wesley Woods and Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat. Bring your own programming or inquire about programming support. Contact each site directly, you’ll find the facilities are comfortable and affordable.
  • Camping – Lake Michigan Camp & Retreat offers RV, tent and cabin camping May 12 – Oct. 13.