Building & Remodeling for You!

June 2024 Updates

Michigan Area United Methodist Camping’s Board of Directors dedicated the income from the sale of camp properties to site improvements and investments (not for operations). In the last few years, over $2 million has been invested in site renovations using funds from camp sales and donations.

Wesley Woods Renovations

  • Retreat Lodge complete renovation
  • Kitchen re-designed, upgraded
  • Septic cleaned, repaired
  • New water line
  • Chapel shoe storage
  • Bathhouse (2021)
  • Office, adjacent apartment
  • Bought on-property white house for staff housing
  • New roofs on all cabins
  • Lighting for pathways
  • New internet /Wi-Fi
  • HVAC main lodge

Lake Michigan Renovations

  • Two new bathhouses
  • Kitchen updates
  • Dining Hall bathrooms
  • Pastor’s Cabin created
  • New Disc Golf Course

Lake Huron Renovations

  • New roofs on buildings
  • Parking lot paved
  • HVAC and electronic entry Littleton Lodge
  • Director’s house
  • Two fire circles on beach
  • New Hexagon Swing Stand

June 2023 Updates

The sounds of cement trucks, hammers, back-hoes, electricians and plumbers have been heard at our three sites as we continue to fulfill the site master plans and improve the facilities serving our guests and campers. The $2.25 million in resources for these Phase One master plan improvements come from the previous sale of camps.


Ground-breaking, cement pouring and carpentry has begun on the two new bathhouses in the north and west parts of the campground. These will grow the total in each area from three to six toilets and from four to six showers and add proximity to the campsites. Improvements to the welcome center, dining hall and dining hall bathrooms are completed.


The kitchen area has gone through a total remodel, moving the dish room and creating much needed space in the cooking area. New plumbing, lighting, electric and internet upgrades have been completed. Last year, the Retreat Center underwent a complete remodel with new carpet, HVAC, windows and furniture. This month we purchased the house on the lake located within the camp property to provide much needed staff housing.

new shower insert


Guest room bathroom renovations are underway that has included replacing tubs with showers, as well as landscaping and parking lot paving. Last year’s improvements include new roofs, a new keyless entry system for guests and HVAC system.